since. She’s not just motivating people, she’s helping them to create real actional habits that will move them forward. The engagement she creates through energy and authenticity reaches every single person in the audience. The privilege of seeing Nikki speak live is one I look forward to experiencing again soon.”

- Reed M .

in. She works with me through every problem, big or small, and always ensures that I have a solid plan on how to implement the items we have spoken about into my day to day life or in my business. She continually checks in to see how I am progressing in between coaching sessions and is always available to help if I have additional questions or issues that arise. Nikki has helped me change the trajectory of my life and is truly passionate about helping me achieve  my goals and dreams. She has challenged me to rise to my fullest potential and supports me every step of the way there. Nikki will be there to pick you up when you fall, put you in check if you are slacking, be your biggest supporter when you succeed and guide you to clarity when you are confused. I cannot say enough great things about Nikki Miller, she has helped elevate my life and business in more ways that I could have imagined and I will be forever thankful for her.”

-Devany R .

nervous and scared of failing or disappointing her but I said “yes, let’s do it” anyways and it was the best leap of faith and courage that I have ever taken. We started working together in August and in the last few weeks I have had so many people tell me, “you just seem happy”. I continue to do my work and I have learned that it is ok to have bad days and not dwell on them. I get to wake up every morning grateful and I get to wake up every morning with the tools to continue to CREATE the life that I desire. I don’t know where my life would be at today if I hadn’t started the work with Nikki, but I promise you that it would be different and grateful seems like an understatement for what Nikki has done for me.”

- Alyssa F .