Nikki was born and raised in Los Angeles. She grew up with young parents and a big family, she has 7 sisters (yes, seven, not a typo). If you don’t know what it’s like growing up with a family that big, think Hunger Games but without weapons.

Growing up in a particularly volatile environment and around so many people began a lifelong insatiable curiosity about people. Nikki had endless questions about human potential. What makes people do the things they do? What makes them think the way they do? Why do some people succeed and some don’t? Why are some people happy and some not? Why do some people have beautiful relationships and some don’t?

She became a student of success and more importantly became a student of human progress. Using herself as the test subject, Nikki started learning, growing, applying, testingand slowly awakening to all that was inside of her. And the more she awakened, the more Nikki realized something that surprised her- that she already knew what to do. She already knew how to be successful, and you do too.

Nikki set out on an experiment. She made life her own personal laboratory. She wondered, what might she be able to achieve if she didn’t focus on anything but becoming the absolute best possible version of herself? What would happen if success, money, achievement, didn’t matter and the only thing that did was delivering the greatest version of herselfevery single day?

Nikki gravitated immediately to entrepreneurship. By 23 she had built a top producing real estate team and by 26had become the CEO of a billion dollar real estate organization. She didn’t get there by graduating top of my class or attending the best business school in the world. She got there by listening to her instincts, by challenging herself to grow every day and by letting go of the negative stories stories and limiting beliefs she had picked up along the way.

Nikki’s curiosity quickly became an obsession with helping people unlock their fullest potential. Teaching people how to quiet the noise enough to listen to their basic instincts and unleash all that is great inside of them. What started as an experiment within her became a lifelong journey to help people unlock their authentic selves and step into their power. It became a commitment to make this world a better place by inspiring everyone in my path to become the best version of themselves, starting with herself. Since then she has been using all that she has learned and discovered to help as many people as she can reach whether its through her speaking, training, coaching or writing.

A message from Nikki:

I’m here for you. I’m here for us. I believe we are kindred souls. If you’re here it means you have a desire to grow and expand. You’re here because you want more. I did too, which is how this journey started and the foundation on which this organization was built. If you’re looking for a community of people dedicated to making their life a masterpiece, you’ve come to the right place. I believe that we are all born enabled to greatness and if we don’t reach our maximum potential it’s because we got in our own way somewhere. I’m here to help you get out of your way. I’m here because I’m a dedicated servant of human potential.

Thanks for reading, I’m grateful to be on this journey with you and I look forward to serving you.

To you,