Inside to Outside

I live in a very high contact environment – between running multiple companies, speaking, coaching, travelling, I am constantly surrounded by people. I don’t know how this happened because I’m really naturally an introvert but it’s allowed me the beautiful gift of observing myself and other people on a daily basis. The results are what started this journey. I’m grateful for these observations that have begun my lifelong quest to learn how to be different because I’ve come to learn that most people are relentlessly dedicated to suffering.

Stay with me… I mean that so many people are committed to living this life outside to inside, putting the outside world together hoping that will resolve what’s missing inside of them. If I finally hit this goal, lose this weight, reach this status, have this many followers, get this promotion, make this much money, if that finally happens I’ll be happy and complete. I’ve come to find this approach always leads to pain, anger, frustration and disappointment. We have this idea of how things should go and we’re so committed to this ideal that we close ourselves off from how things could go, from the abundance the Universe is waiting to shower upon us if we would only be open to it. We rage about how other people show up or how they’ve treated us yet we won’t ask ourselves what part we’ve had in the injustice or our reaction to it. We curse what the world has come to yet we won’t take a stand against it by choosing to be better, to be different ourselves. We can identify other people’s problems, we’re experts on how to tell other people to live a better life, yet when it comes to our own we get stuck. That is, if we ever even ask the question at all.

We’re so practiced at putting the outside world together, at judging, advising, scrutinizing the outside world yet what might this world look like if we all just chose to be the leader of ourselves? What if we took all the energy we expend on our judgment of how everyone around us could be better or what should be happening in the outside world and instead used it to understand how we can be better?  I’ve committed my life to the question of how I can be a leader worth following. How can I lead myself in such a way that I inspire others to lead themselves? How can I put the inside together, the human being together? How can I first and foremost concentrate on becoming the most evolved and best version of myself and in doing so allow the outside to naturally fall into place?

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